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Keller´s Real Estate Services

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

Terms used by Keller´s real estate agency in these Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

Real estate activities

Real estate activity means mediation negotiations to conclude a contract on acquiring property title or other title authorizing to use or enjoy the immovable object, apartment, or non-residential premises. The term applies also to the transfer of a cooperative share in a housing cooperative.

Real estate broker

Real estate broker is any natural person active in the real estate business in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Contract for providing services related with real estate

Contract for providing real estate services means a written contract or an oral agreement for providing real estate services (mediation of the sale or rental of real estate) concluded between a broker and a Client.


Client is any natural or legal person to whom the real estate broker provides services based on the contractual relationship.


2. Ethical code

When providing their services, Keller’s real estate brokers always proceed in compliance with the Client’s interests and instructions whereby their activities are governed by legislation of the Czech Republic.


3. Brokerage service contract

Keller’s real estate agency and Keller’s agents provide real estate services only on the basis of a written contract for providing real estate services – a brokerage service contract. All rights and obligations, guarantees, and benefits provided to the Client beyond legal obligations are subject to a concluded written contract.


4. Commission

Keller´s real estate agency is entitled to a get commission for the provided real estate services. The commission is fixed in the brokerage service contract. The renumeration includes renumeration for mediation of selling/lease of the property and includes a minimum range of services, regardless of the extent to which they were used by the Client in the particular case. Keller´s real estate agency is obliged to issue and submit a regular tax document on the commission billing to the Client without prompting.


5. Reservation (blocking) deposit

Unless otherwise agreed, the reservation deposit is a part of the purchase price, and by its depositing the interested party explicitly expresses his or her interest to buy the real estate through the real estate broker. The scope for what this amount will be spent is precisely defined in the Property Reservation Agreement.


6. Escrow of funds and deposit accounts

To indisputably secure a high level of Client protection, services of a law office or a notary are used for money safekeeping.


7. Condition of a property

Real estate brokers are obliged to provide third parties with objective information concerning condition of the real estate (houses, apartments, non-residential premises or transfer of cooperative share in the housing cooperative). Real estate brokers are not responsible for damage occurring when their Client has withheld, or provided false information regarding the condition of the real estate. Both possible interested parties and Clients note that in case of a real estate transaction, a detailted examination of the property condition through an independent expert is recommended.


8. Minimum scope of real estate services:

The Keller´s real estate agency provides the Client with standard real estate service unless otherwise stated in the Contract.

  1. viewing the property by the broker,
  2. recommendation for the purchase price/rent,
  3. concluding a brokerage contract on property sale/tenancy,
  4. preparation of professional presentation and listing an offer in the portfolio (advertisement on the web of the real estate agency and its contractual external advertising portals, or placement of an advertising poster, advertising in the press, etc.),
  5. regular updating of the property offer,
  6. sales tours of real estate with pre-selected interested parties,
  7. concluding a reservation contract for the property with the selected interested party,
  8. preparation of necessary contract documents and organization of contract signing (selling: a contract which is the basis of the ownership title or right to use the real estate, signing a contract of the attorney´s escrow of the purchase price, preparation of the application to record the ownership title at the respective Land Register incl. its submitting, and handover protocol); for renting: lease/sublease agreement, handover protocol),
  9. participation in handing over the real estate.


9. Information obligation

Keller´s real estate agency regularly and objectively informs the Client on the progress in handling the matter and services ordered.


10. Complaints

Real estate brokers are obliged to handle any objection or complaint of the Client without delay.

The Client may at any time raise a concern or complaint abount the quality of services proovided by the broker and excersice his or her rights.


11. Mandatory liability insurance

Keller´s Real Estate Agency and Keller´s agents are required to have statutory professional liability insurance for the caused damage for the entire period of providing real estate services.


12. Personal data protection

Customer´s personal data protection is regulated in.

The Client agrees with storing the s.c. cookies in his or her computer. Cookies are regulated in (odkaz na stránku). Cookies are regulated in Cookies policy. 


13. Out-of-court settlement with assistance of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority

In case of a dispute between the Keller´s and the Client that cannot be settled amicabyly by mutual agreement, the Client is entitled to apply for an out-of-court settlement. A motion to an out-of-court dispute settlement pursuant to Act no. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, will be submitted by the Client to the Czech Trade Inspection. You will find all details regarding out-of-court settlement on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority at www.coi.cz. 

These General Terms and Conditions came in force and became effective on:  11.8.2022