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Home insurance

Timely and proper home insurance will cover the damage in case of flooding your home, burglary, fire, and other risks. Protect your property with a good home insurance covering all risks associated with your property. We will select the ideal option for you from the offers of insurance companies.

Home insurance covers everything you’ve furnished your home with and equipment that can be moved elsewhere. It covers all movable things, especially household furnishings and equipment, and everything that is not connected to the building structurally. It’s not just about the equipment inside the property. Your home insurance can also cover damage to your ski equipment stolen from a ski storeroom.

An integral part of home insurance are assistance services that can really be useful in various situations. This service offers unlocking a free of charge, repair of a broken pipe or non-functioning boiler, and handling a whole range of critical situations. In our office, we will select home insurance best for you, tailored to your needs.

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