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Sale of property for an apartment building project

Milovice, Boží Dar

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Unique opportunity to become part of the restoration and development of a very promising area in the former military area in Milovice – Boží dar. This is the sale of a plot of land of 1191 m2, the entire area of which is occupied by the shell construction before reconstruction.

The building has four above-ground and one underground floor, two entrances with connected staircases and gives the possibility of creating 80 residential units. The total area of all five floors is 5,421 sqm. The local government is open to cooperation and the development of the locality, for example in the matter of quickly processing a building permit or building enough parking spaces on adjacent land belonging to the municipality.

In September 2022, a Memorandum for the use and development of BVVP was signed between the Central Bohemian Region, the towns of Milovice, Lysá nad Labem, Benátky nad Jizerou and the municipalities of Jiřice, Lipník, Straky, Všejany and Zbožičko. Among its main goals are the sustainable development and protection of nature and landscape, the creation of a quality environment, zones for housing, services and work, the creation of qualified jobs, the development of the knowledge economy, the diversification of the knowledge base of the region, the strengthening of the competitiveness of the region, the development of innovation potential and the development of tourism traffic.

Undoubtedly, the attractiveness of the place is also enhanced by the Mladá National Natural Monument, which has been 2013 protected as a site of European importance. A large part of it is occupied by the reserve of wild horses, bison and wildebeest, which was established in 2015 and was subsequently gradually expanded beyond the borders of the protected area.

With a view to the future, the realization of a housing project appears to be a very lucrative development opportunity for building a modern housing project in a developing locality surrounded by nature.

Access by car to Prague is approx. 40 minutes, 7 minutes to the center of Milovice, there is a bus stop near the building.

Feel free to contact us for more information, to arrange a view of the property, or for documentation.

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Milovice, Boží Dar